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Loanhead Music Festival is a Scottish charity SC 034137 and a member of the TMSA.

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Having organised the Festival since its first year in 2001, I have taken the decision to step down as Festival Director. I believe sixteen years is a long enough stint, and a break is somewhat overdue. I hope that someone, or some group of people, will be found to take the Festival into the future, but for now at anyrate, this sixteenth Festival is the final one in its present form.

There are many individuals and organisations I want to thank for their help and support over the years. There are too many to name individually, but they include:-

my wife Gill, for her invaluable assistance, advice, prompting, tolerance, and for regularly being my memory; the current team of concert and open mic helpers, principally Derek Lauder, Gordon Andrew and Judy Harman; Jim Mackie for designing our posters and fliers, and being team photographer; Loanhead Miners Club and staff for the use of their excellent facilities on the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon events; Midlothian Council's Leisure Services Department, and the staff at Loanhead Leisure Centre, for campsite provision; the local pubs, who have allowed us to use their premises for music sessions; local businesses who have provided raffle prizes over several years; The numerous musicians who have performed for us at concerts; the many session players who have played their hearts out at our Festival sessions; and everyone who has assisted the Festival over the sixteen years.

I will probably have missed somebody out, and if so, I apologise, and extend my thanks to them as well.

So there we are. If you want the Festival to continue (and I hope you do), then please come forward and due your bit for real, live, music.


Bruce Hogg

Festival Director (retired)


June 2016